Happy Holi wishes 2019 for Friends, relatives, WhatsApp status and Instagram post

Celebrate the happy festival of Holi with your beloved sister, friends, Boss and wife with the lovely Holi wishes 2019 messages. We have got Joyful Holika Dahan wishes 2019 that you can share on the occasion for giving a true treat to the eyes of everyone. The new collection of GiF, videos and small messages are sample of your love and affection. The receiver is definitely going to give a meaningful thought to your messages and might revert with a positive way. So this Holi, fasten your relationships with the collection of cute happy Holi wishes 2019 WhatsApp messages in Hindi.

Best Holi wishes 2019

  • The adorable festival of Holi becomes more special because I have a sister like you. May you get more blessed on this Holi my dear. Happy Holi

Holi wishes 2019 messages

Holi wishes 2019 in advance

Holi wishes 2019 Instagram Status

  • Holi is the best time to send the thoughtful Holi wishes 2019 for bringing Smiles on the faces of our siblings. It is the time when we put colour on each other and Splash water for making the festival enjoyable and joyful.

  • The cutest and the most beautiful shade of my life is you my dear sister. Happy Holi to you from your lovely brother.
  • I am recalling the happiest moments of holy that we spent together my dear sister. It is the time to relive those moments by meeting once again Happy Holi 2019 festival. I will paint your face again and in return you will also do the same. I just wish that this Holi does not remains colorless as the rest ones have been.
  • Having a beautiful sister like you is a big blessing in my life from the almighty. You have added the most joyful colours of friendship and happiness in my faded life. I wish that your life also remains painted with the colorful blast of happiness.

Holi wishes 2019 in English

Holi wishes 2019 text

  • I have always been your protector and have scolded you for your better. Right from sharing to caring, you have given me your love in return. This is true that we are different people from same mother. You are the colour of my life my dear sister. Happy Holi and I miss u sis.
  • You are my sister, guide, love expert advisor and best friend. You are the person who brings colour to my life and keep smile please maintain. I would never let you go my lovely sister today is Holi made for each other and revive those beautiful memories that we havw spent together during our childhood. Happy Holi.

  • I love the colours of my life because I can fight with you, love you, argue with you smile with you and feel happy with you. You are the world’s best sister whom I would never forget to wish Happy Holi. You are the one to give me a beautiful past and a successful today. I miss you my sis always Happy Holi.
  • I miss those colorful hands which used to run after me on the day of Holi. I miss that bucket full of water which is used to become successful in drenching me. Let us meet together and bring those memories back. I really smile and Cry Together while remembering that beautiful past. Happy Holi.
  • You have flooded my life with best of Glory and happiness. I have never felt the way I feel now. You have made me strong and repainted my dreams with your love my sister. May you have the brightest and most colourful life just like the festival of Holi.

  • My dear sister my Holi is incomplete if I do not run with a bucket full of colours behind you. My hand Crave to colour your face and my heart message you like hell. Please my dear sister come and meet me this Holi I miss you and I don’t want to spend the holi alone .
  • I always had you my dear sister as the partner of crime. The beautiful adorable system with lovely face and child my heart. My most mysterious plans of holy now remain unfulfilled. With lots of love and wishing you my heartfelt Happy Holi may you have a wonderful festival.
  • Holi the time when we can execute our plants and put colours on the face of our hands. But without you my sister, I don’t feel like celebrating this festival. Let us unite once again to give meaning to the mischievous festival called Holy.

Happy Holi wishes 2019

Happy Holi wishes 2019

Holi wish 2019 for husband

Holi is the best time when brothers and sisters can express their love and misschives with each other. The Gulaal and bucket full of coloured water is used in a tricky way to colour Each Other in a tricky way two colour Each Other by siblings.

Happy Holi wishes 2019 for my love

The beautiful, joy full and romantic festival of Holi is something that fastens the bonds of every relationship. The siblings can play it mischievously while the couples can enjoy the festival in a romantic way.

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Different relationships have different ways of celebrating Holi and forwarding Holi wishes 2019.

Here are some of the best Happy Holi wishes 2019 for my Love –

  • Mujhe bhig Jaana Hai Tumhare sng is Holi Mein, Tum Mujhko Yaad Aate Ho Aksar, Rang Laga Na he tume Tumse Milkar. Happy Holi
  • The colour of sky is blue, I just feel the best for you, my love as a spouse is immense, Happy Holi to my wife cum best friend.
  • Here starts another Holi. It is the time to leave the festival and encounter all our sorrows. I don’t have any doubt and fear in my mind because my love is there to support me. Happy Holi

  • My dear love you are the only one who can understand the things inside. The only person who understands my hidden agony and sorrow behind my smile. You are the one whom I can dedicate this colourful festival of holi because you painted my life.
  • Having a spouse like you is adding hues of friendship and happiness throughout one’s life. May you have the warmest holi ever.
  • Just The Way your imagination gives me happiness, same way I want my message to keep you happy. I remember you from the bottom of my heart my dear love on this Holi. I hope you understand this feeling of Emptiness.

Holi wish 2019 to all

Holi wishes 2019 for girlfriend

Holi wishes for friends

More on Holi wishes 2019 messages, quotations Happy Holi 2019 WhatsApp messages in Hindi and Instagram post

Just few days are left when the beautiful Holi festival is going to come. The festival which celebrates Romance, brother sister love, friendship and happiness comes once in a year. Let us generously forward Happy Holi wishes and quotations 2019 to everybody in our contact list. We have created the best Holi 2019 wishes quotes to be forwarded without a second thought.

Here are some of the finest Holi 2019 funny SMS in Hindi and Holi 2019 Hindi shayari –

  • Pichkari ne jo dhaar Mari, bhig Gayi Mori Chunari or Bheege saree. Apne Hi Rang Mein Rang Gayi Mai to …Holy AJ Mana Na Hai Woh Happy Holi everybody
  • Gulaal K rang hai Kafi mehnge, Kuch Bhi Nahi Hai Sasta, par mera sms Phir Bhi aayega . Mehangai Sadabahar Zindabad Happy Holi
  • Masti Mein Kabhi Na Ho Koi Kami, Khushiyan Ho overflow, gum ho jaye fatafat se low, Dosti Hamesha Chadi Rahe Aap Ke Sar per, shohrat bochar Karti rahe aap ke Dar Par

  • Gulal lagane ka Bahana Hai, Humko To Holi Ki Khushiyon ko Apna banana hai. Kaisa sharmana aaj toh Holi hai please mat karo Koi Bahana
  • Happy Holi 2019 to you my dear lovely friend. Tum khush raho bas yahi Dua Hai. Messagepadh kar Zara Sa smile kar dena To Hamara Dil De Baithe Baithe Garden Garden Ho Jayega.
  • taaro Ne Dur Se Salam Bheja Hai, Gulfam name Gulshan se Gulfam Ka Tohfa bheja Hai, Mubarak ho Holi Bara bar, dil se bheja hey aapko maine ye Paigam.
  • Rango ka Tohar Ho Rango ki khushhali ho. Dher Sari khushiyon se Bhara Hua Sansar Yahi Hai Dua ab ki Baar Mere Yaar.
  • People Crave for sweets, time, laughter and wealth. But my heart Craves for you and a colourful organised Happy Holi. May you have a Happy Holi.
  • Having a glorified Holi is not a big thing. But spending it with your beloved one is a big blessing. This Holi I want to remain blessed with my family celebrating Holi with me . let’s meet and have a blast
  • Aap Ke Gore Gore Galo Mein Laal Rang, Kale Kale Balo Ke Liye Peela Rang, saaf Man ke liye Gulabi Rang. aap ko Holi ki shubhkamnaye deta hoon Bhagwan Kare aap ki Holi Sada Rangeen Rahe.

Holi wishes 2019 for best friend

The most energizing Holi wishes are the ones received by our best friends right in the morning of Holi. Meaningful Holika Dahan wishes 2019 and images convey a lot about the festival. While celebrating Holi with friends, people generally forget the safety rules at all. Celebrate the festival with best of enthusiasm and happiness but do not ever ignore safety rules or play with your life.

send as much as Holi wishes 2019 for your friends as you want. But never annoy anyone by colouring them unwillingly. We must respect the feelings and safety parameters always. Improve your relationships on this Holi and do not harm animals and sentiments of others.

Here are some of the most marvelous Happy Holi 2019 sms in Hindi and English

  • I can feel the festivity even when I am far away from you my dear friend. I will that the colours of Holi brings a happy life painted with the best of happy colours.
  • I pray that you enjoy the brightest colours of Holi with the most intricate joyful moments. Let us make this Holi memorable and many many congratulations to you for this beautiful festival of Holi.
  • I am sending the most beautiful message to the most colourful person on this bright festive day of Holi and I pray that your life remains colourful forever. Happy Holi 2019.

  • you just can’t Escape My coloured hands on this Holi. I will give you a surprise and lock you up in my hands. I will colour your face and hands with the most pleasurable colours of life. So please celebrate this Holi with me I am wishing you very heartfelt wishes of the festival.

Holi wishes 2019 messages

Holi wishes 2019 in advance

Holi wishes 2019 Instagram Status

Holi wishes 2019 in English

  • The beautiful colours of friendship are all about happy moments and remembering one another even in our busy life. I wish I was there with you on this Holi but never the less I am sending you my thoughts and prayers so that your life remains colourful and happy forever. Happy Holi 2019.
  • Do not skip even a second of Holi festival by sitting idle. Enjoy the great day in the best possible way and spread happiness everywhere. I wish that God helps you and protects you always. Enjoy the moment and still happy.. wishing you a very Happy Holi.

  • I am sending you a beautiful rainbow of colours submerged in outermost joy and happiness for making your life colourful and eternally Happy. Happy Holi my dear
  • Puranmashi ke din Chand Se Boli Chandni ki Bhar Do Sabki , Chand Ne Bhi Chandni ki Mannat Karishma ka aur aagaya Holi Sundar aur Pawan Tohar. Happy Holi.
  • Different culture, different nation, different people and lots of celebration on a common festival called Holi.
  • I pray to God that the colourful festival of Holi converts into an eternal joy and a source of happiness for you. I wish that each second of your life remains bright and colourful as the lovely colours of Holi.
  • I am wishing you Happy Holi from every part of mine. Wishing you a Happy Holi with deep bottom from my heart to you and your family.
  • Holi to aaj hi manayenge, Tumko Rang Laga Ke Rahenge, Tum karte raho Inkaar, Humko Bhale Hi Na Karo Tum Sweekar, Rango Se Tumko Hum acche se nehlaege Holi to aaj hi manayenge. Holi ki Badhai ya Bura Na Mano Holi hai.

Happy Holi 2019 wishes from company


Doesn’t it feels great when your company send you Happy Holi wishes personally on your mobile phone and email? It feels so happy to become a part of such an organisation or not only motivates you to work hard but also ensure that you celebrate every festival in the best possible way. On this festival of Holi, let us keep a positive prospect for everyone and celebrate Holi with the best Happy Holi wishes from company –

  • Why did Sardar went to watch Rang De Basanti? Because he thought that it was a festive movie based on Holi. Happy Holi hahaha
  • Lucky are the ones who can admirethe goodness in others. Never envy somewhat others Have instead keep yourself in peace and joy irrespective of the circumstance. May you have plenty of peace and prosperity on this only.
  • I pray that God give you joy and most prosperous Holi forfilling your life with all the happiness and sweet moments.

  • Deta hu Tumko extra badhiya, jhakaas Holi ki shubhkamnaye. Tum Raho Sadabahar Khush on exciting tarike se bitao Apna Tohar.
  • Holi without Rangoli is incomplete just like my life without you is empty. Dil Ke darwaje ek baar Mere Liye khol mein Lekar Aaya Hoon Tere Liye Happy Holi ka Sandesha.
  • Enjoy the festival of Holi with your family, best friends, relatives and everyone you love with lots of colours,ghujia andBhang. Stay happy and cheerful just the way you are right now.
  • I hope that the festival of Holi energizes and gives you loaded gladness and enchanting happiness. Happy Holi point
  • Just like the beautiful red rose fill up the entire world with their unparalleled beauty and fragrance, in the same way my friend that the festival of Holi make your life explain me Beautiful by colouring it in different ways.
  • I wish to say thank you my dear friend for all the hard work that you have done for our company. May you get lots of smile and your words for all the perspiration and perseverance you have given to us. Have a Happy Holi and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

The eternal celebration on the day of Holi remains alive for several days. Until and unless you dedicate yourself truly in the festive feel and assemble your beloved ones,  festival can never make you enthusiastic. Besides wishing Holi 2019 Hindi shayari and personally visiting everyone on the big day, you should also take a Vow to protect the environment by not destroying the public property and animals. The innocent beings often remain vulnerable on such events. The best is to take a step ahead to provide them protection and happiness. Use eco friendly Colours for saving the mother earth and make sure that you play maximum Holi with Gulal instead of watercolors.

Happy Holi wishes 2019

Holi wish 2019 for husband

Here are some of the best Holi 2019 Hindi shayari –

  • If I had the control upon Holi to help you to smile better, I would have sent the most brightest colours for wishing you Happy Holi.
  • May you become successful in all the pursuit of life and almighty Paints your life with the most colourful happiness. Happy Holi
  • Happiness and love or incomplete without you on the big festival of Holi. Wishing you a very fantabulous festival. Celebrate it with all the excitement and happiness.
  • Holi the best time when you can come back in touch with close relationships andrevive them again by expressing best of affection and colouring one another with happy colours of Holi. It’s time to say that you are all about studying colours of love and affection.
  • Do not let the festival of Holi remain hidden in you. Celebrate it with us and magnify your Just The Way you would have done in case your family were here with you. Do not feel conscious and let the desired flow on this festival of Holi.

  • Mousam achha Ho, Kaliyan kacchi ho, hamari dosti Sachi Ho, Bhagwan se Dua Hai Kya Aap ka holi ka tyohat lae Rango ki bahar.
  • Aapko Mila acche logon ka sang, Phoolon Ke Jaisa ho aap ka dhang, sabhi ko kar de aap kisuccees dang,Mubarak ho aapko Holi ka tyohaar Pyare message ke sang.
  • Holi Ne dia Satrangi Rango ki bauchar, dher sari khushiyon se Bhara Hua Ka Jeevan Ka Har Saal, Yahi Dua Hai Hamari karbar ki Saat rangon Mein Samaye aapka Ghar Sansar.
  • Rango kibochar ho aapke paas, Holi ki khushiyon se Bhara Ho aapka Ghar Bhar. Happy Holi Ke Din aapko gairon Se Bhi PyarMile bas yahi Dua Hai Hamari.
  • jis trah jungle ka raja Kabhi Chupke Se Shikar nahi karte, darpok Khule Aam vaar nahi karte, Hum Woh shaksiyat Hai Mere Dost Jo aap ko Badhai dene ke liye Holi ka Intezar nahi karte.
  • The illuminating festival of Holi your life with all the success and eternal Joy. May you have a wisdom full Holi where you celebrate the festival with best of moments and also spend some time protecting the mother earth. Best wishes of Holi to you and your family.

  • despite staying awayI can send you my heartfelt greetings through this message. I wish that you understand how deep in my heart I miss you on this happy occasion. I pray to almighty that all my good wishes come true on this happy festival and you have a wonderful life ahead filled with success, wisdom, Glory and remembrance.

Holi celebrations are endless and eternal. Different people have different ways of celebrating the beautiful festival. Some of the people simply said back at home and have a relaxing festival while others prepare cuisines, clean home, invite guests and plan a party. You can make the festive feel more stimulating by sharing Holi wishes 2019 for husband, WhatsApp messages comma Hindi quotations, small videos and images.

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