Happy Holi 2019 Quotes

  • Holi is the best time when you can reach out the ones who have lost contact with you since quite a while. Here I am wishing you a very mesmerizing Holi with all those flashing colors and happiness.
  • Holi is the best time to reach out the colors of joy and forgive the ones who did bad in past. It’s the festival of love and colors. So let us read joy and forgiveness through these lovely colors of Holi.

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Happy Holi wishes 2019

  • The festival of Holi has come just like every time dipped in best of colors in happiness. Happy Holi
  • never fail to express your love with colors on the festival of Holi. It’s the only festival when you can initiate a loving gesture by colouring one another. So forget all the Sorrows and glitches,colour each other and Sing “holihai.”
  • What is the best time when you can get involved in a better relationship by renewing things in a better way. So those who wish to have a colourful life must celebrate the festival with all the happiness and Glory .

happy Holi 2019 quotes

Happy Holi 2019 quotes and messages

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Holi 2019 Colours Quotes

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Happy Holi 2019 Quotes

People actually celebrate the festival and decide the story of demon King hirnaaKashyap and Prahlad. The triumph of goodness is represented by burning Holika in the bonfire. She tried killing the little baby Prahlad but almighty played the trick and she what the share for her evilness. people use a variety of combustible materials like kerosene, crackers wooden plants and many other things for creating holika.

  • You really don’t have to speak loud when it Holi. Do it all by coloring one another with beautiful Gulaal and Sprinkle colourful water with heartfelt feelings.
  • A little gestures through sms is enough to tell what you feel for someone . instead of gifting expensive things on Holi, simply spend some time with your beloved ones and play Holi in the best possible way.
  • The best wishes on Holi are the ones received by us from our elders and beloved ones.

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Happy Holi 2019 quotes

Why do we have so much of ego when it comes to forwarding messages two old and forgotten contacts in our list. Believe it or not, people feel happy when they receive messages from people. The collection on Happy Holi 2019 quotes on this website has particularly been designed to renew the old relationships. Also, we want you to celebrate a glorified festival filled with sweetest moments.

Holi 2019 Quotes

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The best wishes are not the ones received some commercial relations having perfect English and long text. The most heartfelt feeling is the one which is forwarded by someone who remembers you from the bottom of heart. Best message on Holi may or may not be in perfect English or subtle language. It’s all about the matter written in the message and the feeling of the sender.

  • I pray that God never leaves you in them problematic situations for it may he colour your life with more friendship and happiness so that you remain totally indulged positive aspects of life. Wishing you a very positive Holi and have a happy life ahead.
  • I don’t want to talk much I know but the only thing that I want to say on this festival is – celebrate Happy Holi and remain cheerful.
  • Splashing the colors of fun and enjoying delicious treats is the main reason why we wait for Holi. However, I particularly wait for your presence and heartfelt message on my mobile. Wishing you once again a very Happy Holi and I am still waiting for you to get in touch with me.

Holi 2019 quotes in english

Happy Holi 2019 quotes

Right from collecting the beautiful Happy Holi 2019 quotes and messages still celebrating the festival around a bonfire, Holi marks meaning of goodness over badness. The festive celebration is traditionally celebrated for 40 days. People collect wood and create holika Bonfire and place it in the middle of the roads. They collect scrap material and inflammable things for creating the big statue of Holika. Combustible materials are find out and burnt one day before the night of Diwali and the next day we celebrate the festival.

  • Holi is all about peace, power, love and development. I think that the colors of Holi ad on anything to your life in the best possible way. Wishing you a glorified event of Holi 2019
  • On the beautiful day of Holi, sending you some deep love and warm wishes. I pray that you have fun filled moments and nothing at all troubles your peace.

Holi 2019 wishes quotes

Happy Holi 2019 quotes

The festival of Hindus comes with the advent of summers. It is celebrated for several days with all the enthusiasm and happiness. Believe it or not, not only Hindus but people belonging from other religions also have a strong biasness for this festival. Since, the festival involved playing with colors and painting one another with gulal, people from all walks of life enjoy such a feel of festivity.

Happy Holi 2019 quotes

  • You should reach out everyone on the day of Holi with happiness and joyful face. Even if they do not that happy feeling for you, ask for their forgiveness by expressing happiness and love for them.
  • Holi is not only the festival of colors and happiness; it is also the festival romance and love. Newly wed couples enjoy the festival with more happiness and enthusiasm. So let’s do it their way.
  • The meaningful festival becomes more happening when we get to hear the stories of Prahlad and Holika. So let’s decide it once again our kids and tell them what the root cause of festival is. Let’s enlighten our next generation with the story behind is beautiful festival.

Happy Holi 2019 Quotes

Happy Holi 2019 quotes

Allow the colors of Holi to spread happiness and peace. Do not destruct vehicles and properties because festivals should come up with happiness and not distractions. Have a wisdom full festival and do not think twice in forwarding Happy Holi 2019 quotes

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