Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

  • Gehu Ki Roti AurAamKaAchar, Suraj Ki kirneKhushiyon Ki bochar, Chand Ki Chandni de khushiaapaar,Dil Se wish kartahoonaapkoHolikaTohar.
  • The colourful festival of Holi at once again arrived with more enthusiasm and glory. It would give you added strength and power to fight with evilness.

Holi 2019 Shayari in English

Holi 2019 Shayari in Hindi

  • Pick up the bucket of water and prove it with all the strength . into our colourful but Happy Holi. Do not target old people, little children and ladies .

Holi 2019 wishes quotes

Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

  • I pray that on this joyful festival of Holi you are there with me as my strength. My holi and every festival is incomplete without you .
  • Just like all the colours of life, I pray that only gives added happiness and strength. Wishing you a very mesmerizing and enchanting festival of Holi.

Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

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Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

 The entire colour combination of Holi reminds me of your happy face and times when we used to celebrate the festival together.

  • According to the naturopathy, colours can energize our soul and keep our mood happy. This is certainly true but we need our loved to do that for us. Missing you so badly on this Holi

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Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi and English

  • The entire festival of Holi is about vibrant colours and brightening celebration. May you have a satisfactory life that keeps you away from Chaos and emotion. On this festival let’s pray for more self satisfaction rather than prosperity. Let’s have a different approach in 2019.
  • Elysium is not posthumously found. It has to be achieved while we are alive by identifying the good and bad correctly. If you follow the good, your karma would find you and bring more blessings in life. So let’s play on this Holi to have wisdom like Lord Vishnu and Faith like Prahlad.

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Holi 2019 SMS in Hindi shayari

Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

  • Prabhu ji ka Ashirwad ho, Dil Mein prabhu k lie atoot Vishwas ka Niwas ho, sab khushraheaur Holi ke din jhumuthe.
  • I’m wishing you Happy Holi from the bottom of my heart; 256 bones, 5 litres of blood and 4.5 million red cells. Believe me I’m wishing you thoroughly from my each body part.
  • I pray that my Facebook and WhatsApp friends have a vibrant and happy life forever. May they all have a Happy Holi and fun filled togetherness.

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Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

We all have a child inside ask. On the day of Holi, let that child enjoy In the best possible way. Let the little baby in you have some Gala time. So forget all the adulthood and maturity. Get indulged the in the holy celebration of colours and truthfulness.

Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

  • Let us celebrate Holi more than any other festival. This is the solemn event which allows us to initiate gestures of Love by colouring each other with Gulal and water balloons. Let’s give a special importance to this beautiful festival.
  • You know why do I love only? Because I get to touch you and feel you. You know why do I love you? Because you brought the colours in my life just the way festival of Holi dance. You did it all practically for me.

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Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

  • Aap se bas yahi Dua karta hoon Hey Prabhu, kabhina Koi Kami rakhiyega Buddhi Mein Hamari, Sahi se beete Holi katehwar, Shubh Mangaltarike se ho samapanabki Baar.
  • Holishuld be taken as the day of forgiveness and happiness. Let us build stronger Bond with our full relationships and celebrate the festival wholeheartedly another joyfully.

Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

  • Making you beautiful required painting your face with colours of Holi. So should I do it now?
  • Tum KoKhubsurat banana ChahtaHoon, HoliKe Din Tumharamuh Rang birangiGulal se rangnaChahtahu. Tumhari Tarah Bhav Nahi Karta Hoon, Tum rukoabhi main Tumharegharaajatahoon
  • Apno ko mananemein time nahi lagta, gift Kari duniya mein nahi dekhna chahiye mhngayasasta, Khushi auracc hai se Manao Holika Tohar, Dil Jigar se tumhare saath celebrate karnachahte hain Rang ka din abkiBaar.
  • ChahtaTumhedil se haiki Holi Main Hoon tumhare saath, YehDuniyanahiJineDetiHaiMujheHarBaar, is baar Aaunga Rang Le Kar Tumhare Dwar, water balloon se tumhe Rang dungaaur Dunga Pyar Ka Uphaar.

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 Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

 If you wish to feel me, go in front of the mirror and apply some colours on your lovely cheeks. That’s the way I would have done to celebrate the festival with you.

  • Dooriyon se baatnahipadta Sahab, farak padta hai tu Badalti feelings se. Duniya Jalti hai toh Jalti Rahe, Hum Aapke Sada Rahe, bas yahi Hum Hamesha Hi Dua Karte Rahe.

Holi 2019 Wishes in Hindi

Holi 2019 Wishes Quotes

Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

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