Holi 2019 Quotes

Holi is the time in everybody appears with colourful faces and Happy aura. So cheer up everybody with lovely Holi 2019 wishes from our website and make things better with your physical presence and lovely messages. The festival should not be celebrated with the slightest drop of hatred in your heart. Even if you had some places with people in the past, colour them up with Gulal and hue water for bringing a smile on their face. The moment you would see them happy, embrace them and say Happy Holi in the most delightful way.

Holi 2019 romantic shayari

Holi 2019 Shayari

Holi 2019 Quotes Wishes for Friends, Family and Beloved

The world of internet has given us magnificent power to get in touch with far flung relatives and intimate relations. No matter whether people in your contact list are residing in abroad or locally, choose to send meaningful Holi 2019 quotes through WhatsApp or Facebook.

  • Holi is the only time when you must remember colourful and Happy faces. Forget everything and submerge all of them in splashing Colours. Happy Holi
  • Holi is the festival of vibrancy, joy and jubilation wishing Happy Holi to all. Praying for your glorification and eternal happiness.

Holi 2019 Quotes Wishes for Friends

Holi 2019 quotes and wishes in English

The festival of Holi is celebrated because the devil hrinakashyap was killed by almighty for ending his devil power and plans. Holi is the event when people have a new way to wish each other and enjoy things by coloring one another. Play a safe Holi and use eco friendlycolours which do not harm the environment and innocent animals. Instead of spreading colours on innocent animals, choose to spread love and happiness everywhere.

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Make the festival more lively and meaning for by getting in touch with your old forgotten contacts and playing Holi with them. Initiate the move through heart touching Holi 2019 quotes  and prepare yourself to rejuvenate the old relationships.

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Holi 2019 Shayari for Girlfriend

 Holi 2019 quotes and messages for all

  • Rangoongahar rang me tumko, ToharKe din khushio se bhardungatumko. Happy holi
  • Mita Do Man kebhed is Holi, Lag JadushmanoKeBhi Gale, naRehne Do man me GlaniJeevan Mein manhoosiatkokar do tata bye, Bhar Do Khushali is Holi ke din.
  • Wishing best and heartfelt feelings to you on this Holi. Let the colours of Holi spread more happiness this year. Let’s forget everything and meet once again just like we did in our childhood.

Holi 2019 quotes for Friends

  • Rainbows represent the festival of Holi and I am sending you the brightest and most beautiful Rainbow for your happiness.
  • I pray that you remain successful and happy and whatever you initiate. I pray this 2019 Holi brings more glory and happiness in your life.
  • Colours are the most important elements of our life. Lets play Holi and make other’s life happy and enchanting.

Holi 2019 Quotes

Holi 2019 quotes and messages

  • Celebrating the most colourful festival for a lovely relationship. Wishing you the brightest colours of life and giving you my heartfelt wishes on the big day. Happy Holi.
  • Holi is all about bright colours, melodious songs, perfect happiness and Happy Holi and added bless.
  • You are the one who has got the best times in my life. The colours of making enormously satisfied and happy. wishing a Mesmerizing Holi 2019 for you and your family.

Holi 2019 quotes and wishes in English

Holi 2019 quotes and messages for all

  • I pray that God gives you the finest and most beautiful colours of life. Praying for prosperity and happiness on this Holi for your family.
  • The colourful festival has different shades of power, development, love and prosperity. Choose your Holi colours wisely because that is also a way to wish Happy Holi.

happy Holi 2019 quotes

Holi 2019 quotes and messages for friends, family and relatives

The day of Holi is highly awaited throughout the year. Since, people get a chance to play with watercolors and Gulal once in a year, Holi is enthusiastically celebrated by everyone .the  departure of winters and advent of summers is represented by the sweet festival of Holi. The lavish Gujiyas and tempting sweets say a lot in their own way. People tickle their taste buds with the tastiest cuisines after playing Holi with their friends, beloved and relatives.

Holi 2019 quotes in english

Holi 2019 quotes

  • Holy is the best time to forget all the old bad and invent the better good. Wishing the festival of Holi with a lovely quotation deep felt from my heart.
  • Holi is the best time to bring happy moments through the fantabulous colors. Do not let the festival of colors go away in vain. Enjoy it in the best possible way and plan a great get together creating great time.
  • Happy Holi quotations are joyful and eternally memorable. The vibrant colors of the festival create memories and Happy Times. Feeling nostalgic on this 2019 Happy Holi occasion.
  • PyarKe Rang HaiAdhura, Holi KeBina, nahisikhnahaimaineJeena Agar Tum NahiAaye is Holi Mein .chamkungameintumhareHaiRangomein.aajao Rang birangekapdo me.
  • Holi kiPyariPyariHaiRango Se Bhari, sabseNyariHaiTumhariBoli, Dil Karta HaikhulkarKhele Hum Holi or mil kar Tum Aur Main bhigoeEkDoosrekicholi. enter

Holi 2019 wishes quotes

Holi 2019 quotes

  • Rangokibarmaar Ho is Holi keTohar, tum poorakaroSareapnesareArmanaurkhubChaleTumharaKaroBaar.
  • khaoGujiya or PiOdhersaree bhang, naJaane do feekaholika Sunder tyohar, ManaoKhushiyankhulkeabkibaar, aatahaisaal Mein EkBaar Holi kaMangaltyohar.
  • Holi Khelo Sab ke sang, Dukhkar do apno k bhang, pyarkaroatoot or Holi mananeki he sabkopurichoot.

Holi 2019 Shayari in English

Holi 2019 Shayari in Hindi

Holi being one of the best Hindu festivals is incomplete in absence of love, affection and presence of our loved ones. Let them feel that you miss them by sharing the beautiful Holi 2019 quotations and messages by picking them up from here.