Holi wishes 2019 in English

People love celebrating Holi with tasty Gujiya and gUllal. People throw colored balloon on one another for marking the happiness of the festival. The story of Prahlad tell us how Lord Vishnu killed demon to save his believer. Here are some of the most Holi wishes 2019 in English that can bring positivity amongst the receiver.

Rainbow colors in Holi are taken as a form of joy and happiness. People enthusiastically apply colors on each other’s body and also prepare color water to throw them on one another and to enjoy the festival manifold.

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Here are greatest Holi wishes 2019 in English –

  • Dance Like Crazy and eat Gujiya, have fun and make your day happy the way you want. Happy Holi
  • I wish that you have the most colorful Holi that Give positivity in the journey ahead. May the colors of happiness accompany your sweet memories forever. Happy Holi

  • The splendid festival of Holi is word celebrating joyfully and removing All The Sorrows and ignorance in life. May you have a festival full of wisdom and goodness. Happy Holi
  • May the colors of Holi give you more joy and illuminate your life with success. Make colorful balloons of Holi in up your life with more peace and happiness.

Lovely Holi wishes 2019 in English

  • I wish that your Canvas of life gets painted with the most beautiful colors of Holi. I wish that almighty gives his blessings to you on the Holy festival.
  • Holi is the Holy festival that signifies The velour of goodness upon evil. The beautiful festival is worth prosperity, Joy, celebration and greetings.
  • I pray to God that we celebrate this Holi for other and I put the colors of love on your face to express my different feelings.

Heart touching Holi wishes 2019 in English

  • I just wish to apply some of the most beautiful colors on your face for stimulating the beauty of life. Happy Holi to my lovely friends and your families.
  • I just wish that you are mine forever on the day of Holi. You would become my life and will make you always happy . Happy Holi my Holi is incomplete without you.
  • Earth is useless without water. So do not waste water on this Holi and choose to play the festival with Gulal and dry colors. Happy Holi

Holi wishes 2019 in English

  • Holi is already approaching, gradually the time will pass and the colorful day well come. Waiting for the countdown to get over, Happy Holi in advance all of you.
  • Sending you little touch of green and slight touch of blue color. Warmth of pink and love of red on this colorful Holi. May you have a Happy Holi.

Eternal Holi wishes 2019 in English

  • On the beautiful event of holiday we all wish to celebrate the festival with our family and beloved ones. Please be with me on this Holi else I will feel empty.
  • Holi is the best day to forget sorrows filled in our heart and to build better Bond with friends and family that remain very tightly. Happy Holi
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  • I wish you sweet moments of Holi fill with all care and happiness. May you have a joyful Happy Holi and get the brightest colors.
  • I wish that the colors of Holi spread more peace, happiness and prosperity in your life. I pray that I am the one who contributes the most colors in your life . I am sending you the brightest color to say Happy Holi.

More about Holi wishes 2019 in English

People pick up the brightest colors on the day of Holi to smear their loved ones. Indian festival of Holi truly symbolic and is often called as festival of color. The emotional festival required people to express their love through vibrant colors of rainbow. People also mix colors in water and throw them on family members and friends. The entire country is submerged in the beautiful colors of Holi such as blue, yellow, Magenta, violet and green. Wind itself carries the message of Holi across the nation .

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Holi wishes 2019 in English

The colorful water and Gulal is the main punch of the festival. People enhance the enthusiasm of the festival by preparing Bhang and preparing dance forms. Loud music, Gujiya, local quizzing and lots of Chartered are the main elements of Holi celebrations.  You can witness The most unimaginable way of coloring things . the beautiful festival symbolizes purity and happiness altogether.

Here are few more quotations and Holi wishes for friends in English –

  • The most heartfelt relation doesn’t have to speak much. Just a simple heartfelt greeting is enough to create a feeling of trust and love.
  • Holi is the best time when people Splash color upon one another in order to express affection and love. Holi is the best day when grace of relationships increases manifold. So on this festival, I would like to say thank you to all the people who have made my life worthwhile and so important. Happy Holi.
  • The special time of holy is a perfect way to forget bad memories, revive old relationship and Break the ice. Paint yourself with the color of love and spread joyful and lots of affection all over. Happy Holi
  • Celebrate Holi with all the merrymaking, and tastiest cuisines so that you remember the feel of the festival for rest of the Days. Celebrate in a way that the feel of holi remains in your heart till the next year. Happy Holi
  • The main idea of holi is to live with more harmony, peace and forgiveness. The sole purpose of the festival is to forgive our Enemies by coloring them with different colors and destroying the old bad memories we had with them. May God bless you with a big heart and happiness. Happy Holi