When the spring season arrives, the first that comes to most of the people’s mind is Holi celebration. People in India celebrate the festival of colours on the full moon day and it gets calculated according to the Hindu Lunar calendar and this festival will last for about 3 days. The Holika Dahan rituals of the ancient and the Hindu traditional festival followed every year by the people in India with care and happiness.

Preparations for the Holi festival

Before the day of the festival of colours, people start collecting wood for the lighting of bonfire which is called as Holika. The lighting will be carried out on the midway of the broad city.

Holika Dahan rituals and celebrations

On the eve of Holi celebrations, Holika Dahan rituals take place. People will place the devil Holika in the wood and burn it. This Holika Dahan ritual symbolizes the victory good and the defeat of evil and also the victory of a true devotee. Children also curse at evil Holika who ones troubled little ones in the kingdom of Prithu.

On the day of Holi celebration, people will exchange their greetings and wishes for one another and throws the colour powder on their loved ones. People will wish for their long-lasting happiness like on the day of Holi and here for your info refer some of the Holi wishes 2019 to wish for your loved ones

Holi quotes 2019 in English

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  • Like the colours of a rainbow, hope your life will be filled with colours of love and happiness! Happy Holi wishes 2019 for you and your family!
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Holi Rituals – Play of colours

The ritual of throwing colours is so particular thing on the North side of India. They celebrate this festival with lots of fun and happiness. People will get happier when they spray more colours or colour water on their loved ones and even pour buckets and buckets of water on them! In addition to that singing and dancing for the loud music is also the part of the Holi celebration. Apart from that, drinks especially thandai is also the part of the Holi festival.

Residents of Sector 46 celebrating “Holika Dahan” on the eve of Holi at Sanatan Dharma Mandir in Chandigarh on Tuesday, March 26 2013. Express photo by Jasbir Malhi

Celebrate the festival of colours happily by spreading the love and happiness around you. Get together, party and have an eventful and fulfilled day with your lovable people!

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