Play safe Holi 2019 Quotes

There is endless way to enjoy the festival of Holi. We can choose to get along with one another and play it traditionally. Alternatively, we can simply pledge to make a better society and not to harm the environment on the social festival. Play safe Holi 2019 quotes inspire us to do better in our life.

Holi 2019 Quotes

Holi 2019 quotes in Hindi

The quotations and messages based upon the happy festival of Holi convey the importance of protecting the public properties and integrity of innocent animals. Instead of forcefully colouring people, places and animals choose to play a peaceful Holi that has eco friendlycolours and joyful activities.

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Play safe Holi 2019 quotes

The quotations and saying that are forwarded to one another on the lovely festival helps people feel the festival to the Zenith. You can even forward the quotations a couple of days after the holi celebrations for keeping the festival live longer. Make sure that you take a better care of your belongings and kids on this festival. Do not allow your children to come in contact with solid colours as it might get into their eyes and damaged their vision. Play safe Holi and spread happiness through the lovely Play safe Holi 2019 quotes composed right here.

  • Holi is the vital time when you can enjoy the splashing colours and get closer to the ones who love you. Enjoy the special festival which marks Spring and happiness in a positive way. Have a Happy Holi altogether.
  • The beautiful water balloons and melodious songs of Holi signify much more than we think. So let’s not forget to colour one another with water balloons and sing ballad. Happy Holi
  • The colours of Holi undoubtedly spread the happy message of peace and forgiveness. So when you choose to colour up someone on this festival , remember that you are accepting them by heart. Choose forgiveness and mercy on this Holi.

Holi 2019 shayari in hindi

Play safe Holi 2019 quotes

  • The bond of friendship and love should be strengthened by colouring one another on the lovely festival of Holi. Lets de-stress ourselves and enjoy everything with thandai and Gujiya . have a Happy Holi
  • Enjoy the merrymaking of Holi with the lovely colours and sweets. Spend rest of the days in remembering the memories created on this beautiful day. Happy Holi
  • Holi is the festival that brings love and happiness to us. So let us have a blessed festival with fun water colours and tasty gujiyas.
  • Why should we not celebrate Holi? after all, it’s the festival of love, Joy, happiness and enthusiasm. Lovely festival needs soft SMS and some heartfelt feelings for bringing out the charm. Let’s do that and wish Happy Holi enthusiastically.
  • The bucket of colours should not remain outcasted on the day of only. Let us collect a variety of colours and club one another two create multi coloured water for Holi. Each colour represents something different throwing the whole bucket of water on someone would certainly make them understand the importance of several things together. Let’s have a stupid and extra emotional volume. Happy Holi

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Play safe Holi 2019 quotes

The festival of Holi brings unparalleled enthusiasm and joy amongst North Indians Hindus and even Muslims. There is no negativity behind a festival at all. Since, people mark Holi buy colouring one another, people belonging to different religion, caste and creed also enjoy the beautiful festival by following the suit.

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Holi 2019 Shayari

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Play safe Holi 2019 quotes

People with higher living standards organisation parties on Holi where they enjoy drinking Bhang, and special food of Holi. The lovely quotations mentioned on our website can create a standing impression upon the receiver .who knows that they would invite you for the party and make your day even more energizing .

Play safe Holi 2019 quotes

Choose the customised messages from our website and forward them to everybody in your contact list. Holi should be enjoyed with lots of amusement and fun. We all know that all of us entered an entirely new era of 2019 where nobody has the time to share things. However, few occasions like Holi and Diwali should be reserved for togetherness and fun celebrations. Make things out of the box by sharing the Play safe Holi 2019 quotes and messages through social media platforms and WhatsApp.

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Play safe Holi 2019 quotes

  • Allow the beautiful face Holly to create more happiness and fun amongst one another. The colours of Holi have the ability to paint the faded and dull relationships. Do not leave a chance to play Holi like a child and use the golden opportunity to revive relationships.
  • Splash the fun colours and relish the delicious treats. Bloom with joy and have a delightful occasion. Have a Happy Holi and a blessed one too.

Play safe Holi 2019 quotes

The spring festival of India not only comes up with happy celebrations and tasting food but also marks repairing old and forwarding relationship. Holi is the Indian Thanksgiving date when people joyfully indulge in celebration and forgiveness.

The festival falls in the event of full moon somewhere in the month of February and March each year. The initial evening of Holi is known as HolikaDahan where people burn Holika in form of bonfire. The second day is the main event which is known as Wadhwa, rangnewali Holi, and Dulhandi.

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Play safe Holi 2019 quotes

The ancient Hindu festival is a major part of South Asian celebration. Even people living outside South Asia celebrate the beautiful festival with all the find mode and happiness. The first night of Holi celebration is called Holika Dahan where people burn Holika and free to subdue the evil inside them. Who was an Evil sister of hiranyakashyap.

she was killed by Lord Vishnu as her punishment for making an attempt to kill the innocent Prahalad. The festival of Holi is incomplete without reciting the ancient tale of Prahlad and Vishnu.