Shayari on Holi 2019 Festival in Hindi

The festival of Hindu celebration is full of more happiness and satisfaction. The festival of love and colours teaches us a lot more than we think. It is a festival when everybody should forget the harsh past and remember the good present.

Holi is a festival which should be dedicated for creating happy and lovable feelings. Also, one should not forget to share Shayari on Holi 2019 festival in Hindi. It’s quite important for people to receive heartfelt messages on Holi either on the main day or one day before or after it.

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Holi 2019 shayari in hindi for Girlfriend

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Shayari on Holi 2019 festival in Hindi

  • Shubh Mangal gao re, Holi ke geet sunao re, Daronahi Rango se Pichkari Bharo rango se
  • Din Rangeen kardiya holi ne mujhko Khush kar diya holi ne.

Holi 2019 Shayari in Hindi

Holi 2019 Shayari for Girlfriend

Holi 2019 ki Shayari

  • Mujhko Rang lagao Re bilkul bhi Bhav Na Khao Re .aao re or holi manao re.
  • Holi Aai or chali gai khush jajomilni thi wo rangeen ho gai

Shayari on Holi 2019 festival in Hindi

Holi 2019 sms in hindi shayari

One of the most hilarious stories associated with Holi include an incident when Lord Krishna went to his mother to complain about his dark complexion. On learning the same, his mother tried consoling his self conscious son and said to paint Radha with colours. Lord Krishna playfully went to the other and coloured her face with different colours.

Since then, the festival of Holi is celebrated all over Vrindavan. people gather with their friends, communities and families without any confirmed about their religious or financial status. They simply enjoy the festival in groups and spend more than 16 days in enjoying the festival.

Shayari on Holi 2019 festival in Hindi

  • Holi the best time when you can choose to Splash colourful powder upon one another and feel happy .
  • What is the best time to reach out the loved ones and feel excited for the lovely celebration.

Holi 2019 shayari in hindi

Hindi Shayari on Holi 2019

  • Spreading the message of love and happiness on this beautiful occasion of Holi. Renewing the old close relationships and bidding adieu to Ill feelings and negativity in our hearts.
  • You don’t have to speak much when the relationship is all about care and love. The heartfelt gesture of love is enough to do the needful.

The ancient celebration of Holi has been existing ever since 7th century. The error of Ratanval also witnessed the celebration of Holi using colours and guns. People three coloured powder on road and women. They also throw colors upon roads and enjoy the festival by drum beating and singing. Dusty Colours were blown all over and people happily met each other on the lovely festival.

Holi 2019 Shayari for Girlfriend

Holi 2019 ki Shayari

Shayari for 2019 Holi

  • I pray that Almighty comes as your rescuer on Holi and bids adieu to all the sadness and loneliness of your life.
  • I pray that your life is all filled with happiness and excitement on this Holi. May you have a lovely evening and joyful life eternally.
  • Holi is all about giving peace from white colour, yellow for knowledge and green for development. Festival is all about different colours and different achievements. So when you colour one another, tell them why you have used a particular colour on their skin. Have a more meaningful Holi this year.
  • The colors symbolize love and prosperity in different ways. I pray that almighty gives you joy full Holi festival and club them up with best wishes from your dear ones. Wish you a very meaningful Holi that keep you happy eternally.

in order to ensure that Holy does not if it’s your skin quality and hair, make sure that you oil yourself very well. Using mustard oil all over your skin and hair would make it easier for the colour to remove. Also, make sure that you wear a cap or had to protect your scalp. You can also choose to play with food dye instead of using harmful chemical based Colours for playing Holi.

Shayari on Holi 2019 festival in Hindi

The festival is associated with colours particularly because of an incidence of Radha and Krishna. Vrindavan and Gokul have the happiest Holi celebrations. You would not even find a single person who does not enjoy celebrating Holi in Vrindavan and braj.

shayari on Holi 2019 festival in hindi

Shayari on Holi 2019 festival in Hindi

Police particularly symbolism of over evil. It particularly marks the beginning of spring and witnesses people having coloured faces and Happy aura. Sweet delicacies are prepared on the day for marking the festivity and happiness of the festival.

The Immortal king hiranyakashyap wanted to kill your son Prahlad because he was an ardent believer of Lord Vishnu.

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He was highly offended when his son disobeyed him . he decided to kill him by planning and evil strategy with holika. Later on, Lord Vishnu came as a rescuer of little Prahalad and killed hirnaKashyap and for keeping truthfulness and goodness alive.

  • Holi is not a festival it’s a feeling all together.
  • Holi should be celebrated with happiness and not at all with negative feelings. It’s a special time when almighty give you a special opportunity to Splash colour upon one another and bid adieu to negativity and Harshness in you.
  • holi is the best time to renew relationship and break the toughest part of life. It is a feeling of affection and conveys love in multiple ways
  • The best festival comes up with more happiness and care from one another. It speak loud and inspires to do better in life.
  • Almighty provides best colours and happiness on this Holi to you. This is the only wish I have from the Lord.
  • Have a joyful Holi and enjoy it lots of merry making with the colours of love . have a Happy Holi with your loved ones