Holi also was known as the festival of colours is celebrated on the full moon day usually in the month of February to March. It is the spring season festival by saying goodbye to the winter season. Holi festival includes throwing various colours and water on each other along with dancing, the louder music, and the drums.

Reason for people celebrating Holi in India

Just like the other traditional festivals in India, Holi is also celebrated as the death of evil. It is actually the death of Holika, who got burnt to ashes. Thus the defeat of Holika symbolizes the people to burn all the things that are bad. For that reason, Holi day is celebrated in India to remember the death of evil like a human.

On the day of such a happy moment, people will usually send their wishes to their lovable ones for their well being and wish for them to live their life removing all the bad things. Even it is just as the words, wishing for your loved one truly express your affection for them and sure your wishes will make some changes on them if one truly wished. The Holi wishes 2019 is a way of expressing your feelings for your loved ones well being.

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Holi 2019 Shayari for Girlfriend

Holi wishes 2019

Here let’s see some of the Holi wishes 2019 that will surely capture the people’s mind and heart

  • Wish for your rest of the life will be colourful as today! Happy Holi wishes 2019!
  • Like just today, add more colours to your life and enjoy the festival to the end! Happy Holi 2019 dear!
  • Strengthen the bond with your loved ones by adding more colours dear! Wishing you a very happy Holi!
  • Like you are today, wishing for your rest will be delightful & happy! Wish you and your family a happy Holi!
  • Colour not only face! But also wish your life will be filled with love & happiness! Have a colourful Holi!

  • Let the colours fill your clothes and let the joy fill your heart! Wishing for your happiness! Happy Holi 2019
  • Enjoy a bright colour! Water balloons throwing! Wish you and your family a happy Holi!
  • Like the colors brighten you, lets the Holi brighten your path removing the bad things! Happy Holi 2019!

How Holi will be celebrated in India

It is not the one-day festival but includes 3 days of celebration in India

  • Day 1 – celebration begins with male people on full moon day. Coloured powder and water are arranged in the pots
  • Day 2 – called as Puno. On this day, Holika images were all burnt and people even light bonfires. People will take about 5 rounds to get the blessing of the fire god
  • Day 3 – called as Parva. The final day of celebration and it includes throwing colored powder and water on our lovable people. The lord Radha and Krishna will be worshipped on this day.

Holi 2019 Shayari in English

Holi 2019 Shayari in Hindi

Enjoy the festival of colours with your lovable people and have the safe and happy Holi wishes 2019!